Thunderstorm – June 29th, 2011

Summer is here. We have temperatures up to 35°C and the first big thunderstorm arrived us yesterday night. So I decided to take some photos. Unfortunately The thunderstorm arrived exactly at 2 a.m. in the morning. But I wasn’t able to sleep because of the thunder. So, I spent some interesting and fascinating moments behind the camera while watching the thunderstorm.



Boat Lift Henrichenburg – June 25th, 2011

Some weeks ago, I was at an historically important place in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany.

The boat lift in Henrichenburg was very important for the transport of raw materials, especially coal. It doesn’t work like a normal lock, 70 years ago, it was a technical revolution. Now, it ’s a museum and you can learn how the mechanical masterpiece worked. There are also some interesting loan exhibitions, sometimes artwork, but basically interesting things about the past in the Ruhr area.

Short D5100 Review – June 18th, 2011

Lots of people asked me if I liked the new Nikon D5100. So I decided to write a short review:


  • ISO 6400
  • Very good image quality
  • Very light body
  • Effect mode with Tilt shift effect, high key and low key images, selective coloring
  • Easy handling
  • High quality display (Rotatable)
  • Very good rechargeable battery
  • Video mode
  • Good automatic focus ( Photos)


  • Bad automatic focus while taking videos ( I suggest manual focus for video)
  • Senseless effect mode (Colored drawing)
  • Difficult menu (Lots of different adjustments)

I can recommend the new D5100 to first-time-users and to advanced learners. The users manual can help to orient oneself in the menu!