The story of a photo – July 28th, 2011

Today I want to tell you a story about a photo, I took almost two years ago:

Flowers (Explored Front Page!)

Unfortunately, I deleted the unedited file of this photo. It would show how much Photoshop work is behind this picture. But first of all let’s start with the location. I took this photo on an industrial area in Duisburg. Between all those old rusty things made out of steel I saw those small yellow flowers, the only color between the grey of the old industrial factory.
I instantly thought, that it would be a very interesting motive for a nice photo. So I got down on my knees to get a better point of view. I took three or four photos and continued exploring the area.

Back at home, i wanted to use Photoshop to fix some normal stuff, like the contrast and saturation. In 2009 I was a Photoshop beginner, so I tried different other things and suddenly I saw nearly the photo you can see right now. For me it was coincidence and I was surprised that a computer programme can do something like this. I was an amzing experience and it was my first „front page photo“ on Flickr!


Schloss Varlar – July 16th, 2011

Last weekend, I travelled around the Münsterland by bike. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too warm and it didn’t rain. All in all i went about 130 kilometres by bike.

One interesting place was Schloss Varlar near Coesfeld, which is a private estate since 1807. Previously it in posession of the catholic church.
The weather was very good, only some clouds in the sky, perfect weather for photos. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to enter the estate, so i could only take a photo from a distance.

Schloss Varlar, Coesfeld