The last mouthful of summer – September 25th, 2011

The last summer days are passing by, the days become colder and colder and most of the birds are already gone. This bumblebee uses one of the last flowers to get some food. The warm sun shines down on her colored body and she really enjoys the last days of the late summer. And so I do. Is hsouldn’t spend my free time in front of the computer. Now, i’ll go out and enjoy the more or less warm temperatures:

The last mouthful of summer...



Looking for the enemy – September 13th, 2011

Today, i want to show you a photo taken at a museum in Den Helder, Netherlands. The photo is taken in a submarine, which was built in 1966. Most of the appliances inside the submarine are unmodified, so you can discover the smal beds, where the sailors had to sleep in or the kitchen, where the meals were prepared.

Looking for the enemy...

The submarine is only one attraction in that museum. You can also see an old ship build in 1868, later restored. There’s also a minesweeper boat, build in 1936. Both ships are accesible. Maybe i’ll upload a video later.