Scotland in April – August, 30th 2014

In April I spent five days in Scotland. Here are some impressions:




La Musée du Louvre – May 21st, 2013

After coming home from my 4-day trip to Paris, I had to check the 500 photo, I shot. Not all of them are usable. But it’s nice to have some memories.

This photo was taken in the Louvre-museum and we were lucky that we didn’t have to wait in a line, because we went there by subway and the entrance was rigtht by the station. Another positive aspect was the fact that we didn’t have to pay for entry, because there was a special event in France, called the „long night of musuems“:

La Musée du Louvre

Yes, I’m still alive… – May 3rd, 2013

I posted my last photo in Janaury. After I got an E-Mail yesterday, asking me what was the reason for not posting new photos, I have to say, that I had to write lots of exams during the last weeks and months.
So I didn’t have much time for Photography or my homepage.

This is a photo, I took some days ago in the forest. The light was really interesting and I decided to convert this picture into Black & White to underline the nice light.

Nikon D5100
Sigma 30mm 1:1.4
ISO 200

Black and White

London Underground – January 27th, 2013

I took this photo close to the Tower of London. The station is called „Tower Hill“ and when you leave the station, you stand directly in front of the tower. There’s a very nice place with a sculpture where you can sit and take pictures.

I like the symmetrie of this one, the three stairs were perfect for taking a photo like this. I only had some seconds to get the right angle and it was really difficult because of the moving stairs:

London Underground

London Guard – November 15th, 2012

Direkt zu Beginn des Wochenendes in London ging es zum Buckingham Palace. Man munkelte, es gebe zu der Zeit den Wachwechsel der berühmten Guards. Bestätigt wurde dies mit der Tatsache, dass der Vorplatz schon mit Menschen überfüllt war. Also gelang es einem Jeden, der ein paar Minuten zu spät an Ort und Stelle war, nur mit viel Mühe einen Blick auf einen der so skurril gekleideten Personen zu erhaschen – von einem Foto ganz zu schweigen:

Right at the start of the weekend in London we went to Buckingham Palace. It was rumored that there was the famous Changing of the Guards. This was confirmed by the fact that the square was already crowded with people. So it was possible to every one, who was a few minutes late on the spot, only with much effort to catch a glimpse of one of the so bizarre dressed people – not to mention to take photo:

London Guard...